Email marketing customized for your business.

SendeFlyers is committed to giving you targeted eMail marketing success. We have the largest database and highest delivery rate in the industry. If you have a need for people to know about you, your company, product or service... This is the best way to get maximum exposure.

Conveniently located in the heart of South Beach (Miami Beach, Florida), SendeFlyers provides you the ultimate solution for your email marketing needs.

SendeFlyers is the sister company of the successful Real Estate email flyer company iAnnex ( Originally iAnnex was created to cater to Real Estate agents that want to advertise properties to other agents. Shortly after we realized that there is a growing demand for email marketing, for other businesses and consumers as well. We develiped a site that will provide email marketing for not just real estate needs, but all businesses and consumers. Now anyone can market their product and services to a wide variety of targets via email. We have an email list database 50,000,000 large that is constantly growig. In addition to our email database we will also try to accomidate any custom email list needs that may be requested.

Refund policy


We guarantee that all email flyers will leave our server. In case of any technical difficulties or other problems we may experience in sending your email flyer causing your email flyer to have not been sent, you will be entitled to a full refund.

  • Largest database in the industry with over 50 million eMail list database

  • Highest delivery rate in the industry - up to 90%. Our average is approximately 70%. With proper email flyer design and conversion, we have reached levels of up to 90%

  • Our customers have returned time and time again with success from our email flyer design and email campaign. The email flyer design and content are critical in reaching maximum delivery rates

  • SendeFlyers is 100% spam compliant. we will not allow, nor market any product or service without operating under full compliance of the federal spam act.

  • All addresses in our email list database are opted-in, which complies with the federal spam act.

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