Showing Graduates how to be Innovative


AXA were keen to ensure they maintained their competitive advantage in an ever changing marketplace and when they met with Launchpad, AXA could instantly see the benefits of bringing innovation into their process.

The Challenge

The Head of Graduate Recruitment, wanted to bring more innovation into his process to keep up with changes in the world of recruitment to ensure AXA maintained it’s position.

When in discussions with LaunchPad, it became very quickly apparent that there were flaws in their recruitment process as the recruitment process was too long and needed to become more efficient.

AXA recognized that there were going to be challenges persuading the Actuarial division who didn’t think that change was required that a better process was required. they also recognised that their target candidates (graduates) did not know the AXA brand and LaunchPad were keen to work with them to enhance their brand positioning.

The Approach

Launchpad worked very closely with key AXA stakeholders to ensure that the transition to a new process went smoothly. A standardised candidate experience framework was created including set questions and review criteria which applied to all involved.

Launchpad developed a customised video led solution from start to finish and included email and sms messaging. A way to get feedback from candidates and hiring managers was also put into place to ensure AXA felt confident that this new innovation into their process was successful.


AXA were concerned that their new innovation wasn’t working when they saw a drop in the number of candidates interviewed that were attending their Assessment Centre, it went from 7/10 interviewed down to 3/10 interviewed. Also, AXA were used to seeing up to 12 candidates for their Assessment Centres but now were seeing up to 8. However, the quality of the candidates was so high that all of the candidates were offered a position. Not only were AXA getting a better quality of hire ratio, they were making huge time and cost savings by having a more efficient process in place. Launchpad also reduced the time candidates had to complete their recorded video interview from weeks to days for all candidates involved.

Candidate Feedback - 100% of candidates completed their video assessment (except 1 who was offered a face to face in the exact same format as the video assessment) and top phrases they used about their experience include Innovative, Different, Interesting, Cool.

AXA Hiring Manager Feedback - Saw better assessed candidates coming to Assessment Centres which meant that they had better quality candidates which in turn meant that there was better use of the hiring managers time. Managers also said that previously it took 1.5 hours to prepare, interview and write up their review, now it is taking around 20 minutes to simply review and write up, reducing their time spent by more than 75%.

Hiring is no longer based on intuition and now have a more robust selection, screening and validation of candidates within their process. AXA also are more confident about their brand positioning in a very competitive marketplace. An example of that is their presence in the social media space where on Facebook they increased their Likes from 800 to 60,000 in just a few months.