A Strong Corporate Image Can Help Attract Talent

When you put together applicant screening, posting jobs on recruitment boards, and the interview process, companies have a lot on their hands.

While it may seem like applicants have to do the heavy lifting – such as filling out CVs, preparing for interviews, and researching which jobs might fit their skills – it’s actually the employers who need to work to present a strong image to stand out from the crowd.

In order to recruit top talent, a company needs to sell itself and provide a good idea of what it is they represent. One aspect of some candidates’ recruitment is a background check, a potentially troublesome part of an already-complicated application process. Therefore, it’s essential that employers make any background check an easy and stress-free part of the application process.

A Better Brand Means Better Staff

Les Rosen at Employment Screening Resources explains the war on talent is hotting up and as a result, employer branding is critical, particularly when it comes to interaction with candidates if performing background checks.

He went on to day that, 'if an applicant has any difficulties navigating the background check software, live in-person help should be readily available.'

It’s important that employers be aware of the importance of each applicant’s experience, especially when it comes to something like a background check. A strong corporate image that effectively communicates the company’s brand and philosophy can provide a sense of ease throughout the applicant screening process.

Keeping it Simple

Hyrell suggests a few simple tips for employers looking to make a good first impression on candidates. These include having a professional online interface, good communication with candidates, an easily completed application, and clear application expectations and instructions.

“Too often, companies use online job applications that do not show the applicants how many pages remain or how many times they must click ‘Next.’ It’s like taking a road trip without a map. Instead, be clear and visually depict how much information they will need to provide and where they stand relative to completion.”

By communicating these expectations, both for the technical aspects of application formatting and for keeping people up-to-date about job offers, companies can present themselves as professional and competent organisations worthy of the top talent available.

Get with the Tech

A Huffington Post article mentions the importance of using social media interfaces to clearly communicate a corporate brand. “While social media is obviously a great avenue for finding the top talent you need, it is also an equally useful means for establishing, maintaining, and promoting a company's brand identity. These obvious benefits cannot be overlooked.”

Staying abreast of the latest advancements in media and technology are always important goals for companies on the cutting edge of job recruitment. Using a video interviewing platform provided by a company like LaunchPad Recruits can be the key to presenting the best possible brand to candidates.

Furthermore, the video interviewing platform is a great way to increase convenience for applicants. As Forbes notes, “Smart companies know better: they’ve begun to adopt new technologies to streamline the hiring process: video, digital interviews, social recruiting, and more.”

Entrepreneur suggests that you “put your employees first,” adding that “researchers agree that the best way to hire and keep top talent is to create a company culture where the best employees want to work, a culture in which people are treated with respect and consideration at all times.”

Placing a high value on current employees and job candidates will demonstrate that your company respects their time, and make your business more attractive for top talent entering the job search.

Now is the time to build a strong recruitment process around your corporate brand, as well as to take the necessary steps to adopt cutting-edge technologies like video interviewing software and automated recruiting to ease the applicant search, both for you and your candidates.