Email Marketing Services

SendeFlyers is committed to giving your product or service the maximum exposure possible utilizing our Email Marketing Service. We have the largest email list database and the highest email flyer delivery in the industry, while keeping the service extremely affordable.

SendeFlyers maintains a dynamic email database of over 20 million unique subscribers. Each email is opted-in and using our technology, we can deliver 70% of email advertisements directly to recipient’s email.
This technology, combined with our large email list database, puts the power of Email Marketing in your hands. 

-SendeFlyers is 100% SPAM Compliant and we do not allow, nor market and product or service without operating under full compliance of the federal SPAM   ACT.
- There are no long term contracts required and you only pay for number of emails sent.
- All the emails purchased do not have to be used at once. You have a month to send all the email flyers you have purchased.
- All email flyer campaigns are custom. You can send your email flyer to different email lists, or target the same group of people weekly. We will be here to   assist you; after all, our success depends on your success.
- Email flyer design does not have to be done with us (while we offer the email flyer design service we will accept flyers designed by you or anyone else you   may want to use)

To view the complete list of all the email we have in our database and our competitive pricing, please visit our Email Lists and Pricing Page.


Why use SendeFlyers:

Largest Email List- SendeFlyers has the single largest email list database on the internet. They are separated into largest groups, so your business or service receives a maximum exposure.

Delivery Rate - The crucial part of email marketing is the delivery. SendeFlyers has the single highest delivery rate in the industry.Our delivery rate is up to 90% (you can expect 70-90% of flyers delivered in the industry where the average is 40-50%).

Customer Service - We are always here to assist you. We can get your email campaign going in a matter of hours from the time the order is placed.