Look to the Future with LaunchPad


Launchpad helped Europcar increase it's assessment day participation by nearly five times resulting in more quality hires, a significant increase in up-selling and a big reduction in recruitment costs.

The Challenge

Europcar previously spent a significant amount of their hiring budget on a recruitment agency to help find the right candidates for its Heathrow operation.

The assessment days weren’t structured, running throughout the year and without this schedule, staff were unable to keep on top of the scattergun organisational approach. A typical assessment day would see 21 candidates with average of 30% show ups.

The Approach

Europcar found it wasn’t offering anyone a role following the disappointing turnout, resulting in wasted time for hiring managers and wasted money spent on the recruitment agency.

After discussing their challenges; Europcar added video interviewing into a more structured assessment day programme.

In the last round of recruiting, the company received nearly five times the number of candidates the agency’s staff used to identify.

This meant that candidates had to be proactive, completing the interview only if they wished to. This helped weed out less committed applicants, leaving only those truly investing in getting the job.

The company’s recruiters could then whittle the remaining group down to find the most promising talent for its assessment day, knowing that they will be able to appoint new staff on the day, rather than walking away empty-handed.


After implementing LaunchPad, Europcar invited 12 candidates to its assessment day — 90% of those were high quality talent. On the day, the company was able to offer six candidates a job and has experienced massive incremental upselling from the improved talent.

Additionally, Europcar has also now cut its recruitment agency costs down to £15,000, a vital saving which can be spent in other areas of the business.

Because hiring managers can see candidates on video, they buy into the talent before they see them face-to face. Additionally, candidates know the recruiters have seen them before on video, meaning double buy-in from both parties.

But perhaps the most telling statistic of all is that, in just under three months, Europcar has managed to complete 757 interviews already - something that would have been impossible using only telephone interviews.

Now, Europcar has expanded the number of roles it is looking to fill using LaunchPad’s platform, which now encompasses all positions at Manchester, Birmingham, and Aberdeen, and includes retail sales consultants, retail sales agents, customer service representatives, and participants in the fast track manager’s programmes.