How to Recruit During Social Distancing

As social distancing comes into effect, supermarkets, pharmacies and online retailers are having to adapt their recruitment processes quickly.

As social distancing comes into effect, businesses are having to adapt as they adjust to their individual market needs.

Supermarkets, pharmacies and online retailers have seen an increase in short term demand, bringing new challenges as both candidates and recruitment teams are forced to stay at home. How can we continue to recruit effectively in the new remote world we find ourselves in?

Understanding current recruitment challenges

Managing a remote working recruitment team

Recent Government announcements imply that only key workers are able to travel into work. For many, this means working from home. Building a positive remote working culture using online collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack can make home working easier. However for recruiters used to working with integrated ATS platforms, this can represent something of a challenge.

Hiring temporary workers

Some industries, like food retailing and related supply chains have announced recruitment drives as the need for temporary workers has increased. Recruiters need to hire large numbers of candidates, quickly. Recruiters also need to consider how short-term hiring will affect them in the long term.

Assessing candidates remotely

Recruiting candidates remotely also throws up some questions. How do you interview housebound candidates? How can you assess them? Today's candidates expect to be empowered with mobile ready tools that give them control over their entire application journey. Ultimately resulting in a better candidate experience.

Adopting Remote Recruitment Solutions

Many of these challenges can be overcome with the recruitment technology solutions currently on the marketplace. There are several short-term solutions you can adopt, whilst still opening the door for further expansion further down the road.

Hiring Efficiently in the Short Term

Remote interviewing isn’t new or complicated. When using these tools, organisations are largely driven by the need to improve both candidate and recruiter experience.

Here are a few tools that you can get up and running quickly.

Application and Screening

Unlike traditional screening methods, online screening is largely automated. Killer questions can be used to quickly screen out unsuitable candidates whilst efficiently identifying right-fit candidates for further assessment or interview. The result? A positive candidate experience with massive efficiency gains for the recruiter.

On-Demand Video Interviewing

Recorded video interviews are a fantastic way to deliver a great candidate experience whilst still engaging candidates remotely. Interviews can easily be shared with hiring managers, which is of huge benefit when working with a remote recruitment team.

Live Video Interviewing and Candidate Scheduling

Face to face interviewing may not always be possible. Live interviewing enables remote interviewing to happen where a candidate or interviewer cannot be present. Alongside candidate self-scheduling and automated calendar syncing tools, Live Video Interviews increase the speed and likelihood of getting candidates to the next stage.

Future Proofing your Recruitment Team

Looking to the future, it makes sense to look at how to integrate these efficiencies into your existing recruitment process. As organisations start to scale from the current situation, is your recruitment process robust enough for any future demand?

Volume Recruitment and your ATS

One key consideration is how your volume recruitment strategy should align with your ATS.

ATS are not designed to deliver the level of automation required to successfully manage volume recruitment processes. We recommend integrating a recruitment automation platform with your ATS to ensure that the candidate has a great recruitment experience from start to finish.

LaunchPad’s Recruitment Platform

Our recruitment automation platform is already saving recruiters 1000s of hours compared to traditional volume recruitment techniques.

If you are managing a remote recruitment team with a business in demand for candidates, we can help. Our recruitment automation platform offers online screening, online assessment integration, remote and live interviewing. More over our AI tools help ensure you find the best candidates at less cost to your business.

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