How to Make your CV Video Stand Out

How to Make your Video CV Stand Out

There’s no doubt that today’s job market is a very competitive field - could a video CV be your chance to stand out?

Not only does it mean that job-seekers must be more strategic in their approach to gaining employment, they have to find ways to make their resume stand out from the rest. This is not necessarily an easy task.

Popularity of Video CVs

One of the current trends which is gaining more popularity every day is making video CVs. Not only are they useful for making a particular application stand out over the rest, they are quickly becoming a viable replacement for the traditional resume.

Should You Consider Making a Video CV?

For most modern companies no matter what the industry, traditional paper-based CVs are a thing of the past. A video CV makes use of a dynamic medium in order to make a memorable impression on a prospective employer. Think of a video resume as if you are marketing yourself to a potential employer.

It offers a platform which allows you to communicate directly with a potential employer. One benefit is also being able to display some of your personality along with your skill set and experience.

What to Consider when Making a Video CV

There can be a lot of questions for those who have not made a Video CV before. You may wonder how long it should be or precisely what information you might need to include. Typically a video CV is between 3-5 minutes in length.

You will want to dress professionally in the same way you would if you were to go in for a one-on-one interview. Be sure to look at the video and not down at the desk or around the room. Speak at a normal speed and try to remember to not go too fast. State your name and your professional endeavors.

A video CV should contain the same basic information as the traditional resume such as your skill set, experience and qualifications for the job you are seeking.

What Makes a Video CV Stand Out From Traditional Resumes?

Offering a potential employer a video gives them a lot more information to work with – no matter what you say. For instance, your body language is just as important as what you say. The viewer will form an impression of you within the first few minutes of the video as they can tell a lot about your person just by watching.

Make sure that the background you selected is appropriate for the video and that there is not any background noise to distract the viewer. You will want to give them a reason to hire you. To stand out from other candidates, you will need to dress appropriately for the job you are seeking and be confident without being cocky.

You want to look and sound like you know what you are talking about. You should also have your information well organized, and memorized, if possible—it’s always better to present yourself with eye contact and confidence without reading from a paper. Always remember to thank the viewer for watching your video and considering employment for you.