Supporting RPO clients with remote recruitment automation

Head of Partnerships at LaunchPad Recruits, Narinder Hammond, discusses the value of recruitment automation at a time of remote working and uncertain times ahead.

For many Recruitment Process Organisations this is a worrying time. With so many challenges facing your clients where do you offer support at such a difficult time?

For some the effects of COVID-19 have resulted in a dramatic increase in demand for short term hires, for others, an uncertain prospect awaits.

For the last 10 years we’ve been working with RPOs to offer their clients a more efficient way of managing the recruitment process. Our recruitment automation platform has enabled volume recruitment organisations to dramatically reduce the cost of hiring by integrating online recruitment toolsets.

As internal recruiters look to their recruitment process partners for help, we felt we may be able to work with you to provide the sort of support your clients could be looking for at this time.

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Online Screening

Our online, self serving candidate screening tools enable you to reduce the time involved in traditional CV screening by leveraging predefined questions, designed to filter your candidates.

AI driven analysis

Our advanced machine learning & analytics tools can drive out manual screening errors to ensure you find the best candidates without the admin or process overhead.

Integrated online assessment

We can integrate with the online assessment tool of your clients choice to provide the insights you need to move all candidates through the recruitment process without intervention.

On-demand Video Interviews

Develop a fully-branded video assessment process, distribute it to large applicant pools, and review candidates with pre-defined scoring.

Remote Live interviewing

Live video interviewing enables remote interviewing to happen where a candidate or interviewer cannot be present. With record and share functionality, candidate self-scheduling and automated calendar syncing, Live video interviews increase the speed and likelihood of getting candidates to the next stage.

ATS Integration

Our platform can integrate into all the main ATS technologies including SuccessFactors and Cornerstone, providing your clients with a seamless, remote recruitment automation solution.

Future proofing your recruitment process

Our recruitment automation process is already saving 1000’s of hours compared to traditional volume recruitment techniques. As organisations start to scale from the current situation, your recruitment process can cope for any future demand.

We know your clients face unprecedented recruitment challenges right now. If you’re interested in partnering to provide support to them at this time, I’d welcome a chance to discuss how we can help in more detail.

Narinder Hammond -