The Benefits of Video Recruiting

The world of HR and recruitment is in the middle of a monumental shift. Most significantly is the adoption of technology that is increasingly pervading all aspects of their people strategy.

Video technologies are providing huge opportunities for organisations whether as part of the screening, interview, employee management or exit interview process.

Not only can it save time, result in appointing better-fit talent and keeping employees happy and motivated, it also plays an important role in promoting a company’s values and improving the candidate experience throughout.

This eBook explores the benefits video technologies can bring to an organisation and explains how the technology can be implemented in the most beneficial manner for the entire organisation.

In this guide you'll learn:

  • Why companies should use video recruitment software
  • How to introduce video assessment to your organisation
  • How to get the board to buy in
  • How to integrate video into an existing recruitment strategy
  • Business best practices of video assessment