The Measureable Value of Diversity and Inclusion

Whitepaper exploring the value of Diversity and inclusion in the workplace and the approach organisations can take towards addressing D&I

Diversity and inclusivity (D&I) in the workplace is one of the most pressing and controversial topics in the business world today. This subject receives extensive coverage nationally and internationally – but are we simply paying it lip service? We explore the approach organisations are taking to make an impact in this area, and consider just how far they still need to shift.

Recent studies show there is a clear business upside to devoting energy and resources to the pursuit of equality and inclusivity in the workplace. Indeed, cultivating a diverse workforce isn’t just the right thing to do – it can help your bottom line, create more productive and sought-after teams, reduce turnover and bolster innovation. Rarely does a moral imperative have such tangible business benefits, and yet this area still doesn’t get the attention or action it deserves.

In this whitepaper we outline how to build the business case for diversity and inclusivity investment and explore the role of technology in fostering D&I.