On-demand Video Interviewing

Recorded video interviews for better decisions, increased efficiency, enhanced engagement

Video interviews are 6 times faster than telephone interviews, and help recruiters judge communication skills, strengths and motivation with unparalleled confidence. LaunchPad allows organisations to develop a fully-branded video assessment process, distribute it to large applicant pools, and review candidates with pre-defined scoring.

Quickly and consistently identify the best talent

Our on-demand video interviewing platform helps you:

  • Significantly reduce time to hire, so your best candidates aren't lost to other employers.
  • Reduce cost, by eliminating time-consuming phone interviews, and only scheduling face-to-face interviews and assessment centres with the best candidates.
  • Create an engaging candidate experience and reduce attrition by having a customer branded candidate experience at the core of every campaign.

Create the perfect video recruitment process

Create an amazing candidate experience

Our recorded video interviewing platform integrates with best of breed assessments so you can create one seamless candidate journey.

Whether you require coding, or situational judgement tests, psychometrics or gamification LaunchPad can help you create an immersive experience that allows you to showcase your brand.

Whilst, recorded, on-demand video interviews allow candidates to schedule their interviews at any time, from any device.

ATS & assessment provider integrations

Make your recruitment team's life easier

Is your recruitment team stretched and struggling to review applicants quickly and efficiently, missing out on top talent?

  • Save valuable time and money by eliminating the need for candidates to travel for face to face interviews.
  • Reduce time to hire by simplifying scheduling.
  • Reduce set up time, through LaunchPad's intuitive platform.
  • Collaborate with colleagues and hiring managers for quicker hiring decisions via the sharing of candidate video interviews.

Make better hiring decisions

LaunchPad's video assessment platform enables hiring decision makers to easily collaborate and ensure the best recruitment decisions are reached quickly.

This gives you the ability to hire better candidates, as quickly as possible, giving you the upper hand over the competition.

The platform allows the:

  • Seamless and secure sharing of candidate video assessments.
  • Ability to share predefined rating scales for more consistent decisions.
  • Secure hosting and data management.